My People Care

A Better Way to Care

My People Care stores your own medical records that you can easily and securely access,
and share, using your smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

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Our Solution

My People Care is a secure cloud based service you that allows you to keep track of your own medical information on your own smartphone. To facilitate continuity of care you can add designated carers (if you have any! or a next of kin in case of emergency) that can also access your details via our secure cloud solution.
With My People Care you can easily record the outcome of medical visits, record your current medication, keep track of appointments even enter simple measurements (such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels or pain levels) and track them over time. My People Care has been designed to be simple to use, practical and secure.

My People Care: keep your secure, yet easily shareable, medical information only a thumb away, at all times, anywhere via your smartphone.

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Here, you can view screenshots and view the video of the My People Care Android Application.


What Type of User Are You?

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Baby Sophia John. 46. Cancer.

Special Needs Child Julia, Private Carer.
Mona. Multiple Carers. Kevin, Chronic Illness.


We at My People Care take your privacy very seriously, and it is one of our unique advantage that our service has been designed with data security in mind from day one.

All the medical data that you submit is encrypted on your smartphone before being sent to our secure cloud service.
It is stored in encrypted form and we cannot read its contents.
The data is sent back to your smartphone again in encrypted form - only your device can decrypt it.

For additional security, (should your smartphone be stolen for example) no medical data is ever stored on your phone. Unlike other services, we at My People Care do not share your medical information with anyone, we do not mine your data and our service ads-free: My People Care is a premium service made possible by your monthly subscription.

Should you have any query regarding data security please do not hesitate to Contact Us directly.


About Us

My People Care is based in Carlow, Ireland.

We have developed a new and unique way to hold your private medical data in a
secure cloud that is easily shareable amongst designated carers.
Our solution has been selected as one of 20 finalists to compete in the forthcoming EU’s Future Internet Smart Society Challenge competition.


Q: On which smartphone is My People Care available?

A: My People Care is available on any smartphones running Android 4.0 or above (check your Android version via Settings->About version). Enquire about other platforms for future availability.

Q: What does My People Care Beta version mean?

A: It means that My People Care is still undergoing heavy development at this time: there are still rough edges that needs to be ironed out.
It allows you to try our service for free and make suggestions for change: send us your suggestions for change and tell us what features you would like.

Q: How much will My People Care cost eventually?

A: My People Care will require a monthly subscription of €4.99.

Q: Why do I always need data connection to use My People Care?

A: For security reasons, My People Care always retrieves information from our cloud service and nothing is saved on your phone. So you always need a WiFi or network data connection to use My People Care.

Q: What will happen to my data when I change smartphone?

A: Just download My People Care on your new smartphone and login: all your data will be there. You can use as many devices simultaneously as you wish (e.g. a smartphone and a tablet).


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